Lil Dickey’s “EARTH” Is the Major Artist Collab We Need [VIDEO]

When major artists get together to record a track, it’s a big deal. Think “Stand-Up fo Cancer“, “We Are the World” version 1 and 2, “Do They Know It’s Christmas”. With Earth Day approaching Monday, and so much political talk about climate change, rap artist Lil Dickey decided it was time to do another major collab for a cause. Of course, it’s Lil Dickey. So, it has it’s own unique spin, reminding us that not every approach to change has to be so serious.

The video feels like Dreamworks “Madagascar” at times, and is very tongue in cheek and “adult” as you’d expect from Lil Dickey. The video is definitely NOT for young kids and you probably don’t want to watch at work with the volume up. It IS catchy as heck though, and features so many stars. Think you can name them all? (Catch the reveal at the end of the video).  More importantly, streams and downloads of the song go towards the cause of “Saving the Earth”. You can find out more at  Go there and find out more.

For obvious reasons, we won’t be playing the song much on Y107, and would rather encourage you to download the song to help the cause. Enjoy… and LOVE THE EARTH!

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