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Bella Throne still from Liam Payne Bedroom Floor video

Liam Payne IS Bella Thorne in ‘Bedroom Floor’ Video

It’s seems Liam Payne has become that voice inside Bella Thorne’s head. At least, that’s the role he plays in his new video for ‘Bedroom Floor’.

As he says in the video to Vevo’s twitter below, he plays Bella’s “thoughts and feelings” in the video, which portrays that awkward time when you’ve ended a relationship, but not really. Like, you know it’s over, but the feelings are still there, and you give into them, when you know you shouldn’t. 

The video takes you through of couple of moments in Bella Thorne’s relationship: from the bedroom, pool,and kitchen, to dancing in the club and hanging at a party. There’s plenty of romance, flirting, and fighting as we see the couple’s unsteady highs and lows. We just find it cool that he decided to reach into the female’s perspective on the video!

Check it out:

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