Kristin in the Afternoon's Wedding in Cancun
Image Courtesy of Will Aldridge

Kristin’s Wedding Stories

I’m back from a week in Cancun where I got MARRIED, and both vacations and weddings breed TONS of stories! I’ll share them on air each day around 3:15 and 6:20ish, but you can find them on demand here! Plus you might find some bonus content here!

Okay for this next story, you’ll hear about our first look pictures in the spa, and that sounds odd until you SEE the spa, so you’ll need THESE pictures…

Image courtesy of Cineluk Wedding Photo and Video
Image courtesy of Cineluk Wedding Photo and Video


A photo from the beautiful beach bonfire, that I’m still not 100% sure was OURS!

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  1. Congratulations, Kristin, on your wedding! Cancun sounds like the perfect destination for such a special occasion. I can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories and experiences from your big day. Wishing you and your partner a lifetime of love, happiness, and beautiful memories together!

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