Your kid sucks and here’s why – JaX

I said it. Fight me. 

For too long have I gone through life having to deal with a crying baby while trying to watch a movie in peace. For too long have I had to deal with a tantrum-throwing 3 year old while trying to enjoy a meal at a restaurant. Ready for my ‘hot take’? 

Kids should NOT BE ALLOWED in quiet public spaces where I’ve paid to be. 

“But Jax, how are we supposed to enjoy our lives?”

I don’t know. Netflix. Redbox. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve gave that up when you decided to have a kid. Sorry not sorry. Why should I be punished for your kid being a brat? 

It happened a week ago. I was at the theater ready to watch Baby Driver when all of a sudden…


Okay. Maybe it’ll go away. 


OKAY. Time to remove your baby. BUT NO. That baby kept crying and crying. I had to leave the theater and get an usher to resolve the situation. 

It happened again yesterday. Out to eat on a date when all of a sudden… 



Okay. Maybe he’ll get something else.


A 4 year old proceeded to become a little rage gremlin about food until someone shoved some mac and cheese in his face and shut him up. 

If your kid can’t act like a normal person, they shouldn’t be allowed to do normal person things and neither should you. That was your decision to have kids. Now live with it. – JaX



  1. I don’t put up with my kids acting out either and I sure in the heck would not take my baby to the movie’s. However, let us use a hypothetical situation in saying that the parent actually parents (let’s face it, not all do considering the above situations you have given) then how would you expect a parent to show a child to do normal things and act normal if they don’t take them out in public and teach them?

  2. Good thing I’m an a***ole parent and my children know how to behave! Good thing I’m that a***ole parent who isn’t gonna put up with a tantrum and will spank my child in public. Good thing I’m smart enough NOT to take my child to a movie at a young age! So my children DON’T suck! 😉

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