KFC chicken scented Yule log

KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Scented Yule Logs

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for thinking outside the box on marketing materials. Remember the KFC cologne? (That was them, right?) There was also the KFC sunblock! This time, they’ve come up with the KFC Yule log. For about $19, throw a log on the fire and start salivating as the house is filled with the aroma of The Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. Go here to get yours.
We’re expecting these to go QUICK as word spreads, and they say there’s a limited supply. You can only buy 1 per person too! So, you might want to hurry.  Just don’t expect it to be finger lickin’ good.  Might hurt to touch a burning log.

What’s your favorite food smell?

Do you wish they bottled it and you could spray it all over? 

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