Kevin Hart May Still Host The Oscars

In one moment, Kevin Hart was announced as the Oscars host. Less than 24 hours later a firestorm hits, and within a day, he’s out. This from statements he made 10 years ago. Has the Academy now changed their mind thanks to Ellen DeGeneres?

Later today, Kevin Hart will appear on Ellen’s show in a pre-recorded interview. It’s so powerful and buzzworthy that the producers decided to bump it to today instead of waiting till Monday as originally planned. Clips have already been released.

In the interview Kevin defends his actions, further explaining what he did 10 years ago, and how he did apologize then, but that’s now what is being covered.  He also reveals he may have been given the opportunity to still host, but he’s not sure he wants to.  From what we’re learning, Ellen had a hand in getting the Academy to reach back out to Kevin for the second chance.

Ellen is already taking a lot of heat for standing by Kevin’s side, bu remains very supportive.

Catch the interview today (Friday) on Ellen.

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