Kesha Learn to let Go Video

Kesha’s Past Becomes Her Present in “Learn To Let Go” Video

Sometimes your past catches up with you.  That seems to be the case with Kesha, who undeniably has had a rough go since becoming a pop star. With her new album, Rainbow, dropping August 11th, we knew her stuggles would be center stage. (Just listen to the debut single “Praying” for example.)

That is confirmed with second single, and video, being released. As if the titles, “Learn to Let Go” wasn’t obvious enough, the video drives the message home, while giving us more than a peek into her life.

In the video, Kesha watches home movies on some odd machine we’ve heard is called a VCR? Like “Praying” she’s opening herself up to the world again, but this time by letting us into her real life, growing up.  She’s hanging out at the pool with her family, singing into a microphone, dancing like crazy, and even jumping on a bed in different scenes. As the video progresses though, the scenes from her home movies become what’s going on in her current life.  It’s kinda fun and crazy, yet very much Kesha. Love it girl! Oh yeah, and it’s more upbeat than “Praying”.

Check it out!


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