Kelly Clarkson Does It Again! Covers Cardi B, Post Malone [VIDEO]

When it comes to Kelly Clarkson, there’s no denying 2 things:

  1. She’s INCREDIBLY talented and can probably sing ANYTHING
  2. She’s a HUGE fan of music, ALL music.

Fresh off stunning the audience at a recent show by covering Gaga’s “Shallow”, she does something a bit different but just as amazing.

Kelly started by admitting to the crowd that as soon as you do one stop on a tour, the mystery of your setlist and all surprises vanish, thanks to the Internet. She overcomes it by doing one fresh thing every show. At the same time, she goes Facebook live for that moment. So in New York the other night, she wowed the crowd as she mashed 3 artists that she had nothing but praise for: Post Malone, Cardi B, and Lauryn Hill. Yup, it was epic.

I’m certainly setting up FB notifications for the next time she goes live to see what the next EPIC K.C. moment will be. Excuse me while I fall down the rabbit hole of catching up on all the other videos so far in this tour.

What would be the best song for Kelly to cover next?

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