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Katy Perry Call It Quits!

I guess you can say the firework fizzled out. Katy Perry has announced she is taking a break from the music scene. 

She just gave an interview to “Footwear News” of all places saying that she’s been quite busy lately, and it’s time to relax and take time for herself.

I love making music, I love writing, and I don’t feel like I have to prove anything, which is a freeing feeling. 

Honestly, should we be surprised? Her last album, “Witness” didn’t do very well and failed to produce any strong singles.  All the marketing on it kinda flopped too, include the witness livestream.  Part of that livestream all revealed all the demons she’s dealt with for years. The album’s lack of overwhelming success also fueled bout of depression. With that, we think a break might help.

Plus, she might have exciting things happening in her personal life very soon. So about that ring Mr. Bloom…

Get well girl!  We’ll look forward to your return. 

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