There’s More to This Gymnast VIRAL Video Than You Thought!

Remember the name Katelyn Ohashi! This girl is unbelievable and might just be the new face of USA Women’s Gymnastics, especially thanks to a viral video

The gymnast viral video everyone is talking about today is of a UCLA athlete named Katelyn Ohashi. With all the sadness and disgusting scandal that’s hovered over USA Women’s Gymnastics the past couple years, it’s exciting to hear and see the good. And the skills!  This routine is not only impressive, it’s literally PERFECT! And you need to see it.

WOWZA!!!  Right?  And how all her teammates and the spectators get into it doing the moves right alongside her… Well, it’s not the first time.

This girl has been a Michael Jackson superfan SENSATION on the Gymnastics mat for a couple years now, and a huge fan favorite! However, her story started YEARS ago.  In fact, her future was uncertain thanks to a well known all star: Simone Biles.

The Struggle

Back in 2013, Katelyn was a rising star. Medals, awards, acclaim were filling her life. She was on top of the world. But it’s a cruel world, where she was subject to peer pressure and bullying, and the pressure put on being #1. And then came the 2013 Olympic trials, where she was knocked out of contention for the team by Simone Biles.  The self-doubt poured in, and the demand on her body didn’t ease. She competed for far too long on a fractured back and two torn shoulders. And finally, enough was enough. She dropped out of the elite level to hopefully still compete in college.

To really get a feel for how awesome of a TRIUMPH this is for her, and for what she’s overcome, watch this! 

Wow girl, WOW! As she’s a senior at UCLA, who knows what the future holds. We’re just glad she’s obtained the recognition and positivity she deserves.

You can follow her blog, and be more inspired by her story here.

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