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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Say Something’ Is EVERYTHING!

As Justin Timberlake gets ready to release “Man of the Woods” on the world Feb. 2, we’ve been waiting for that one, AMAZING song to drop.  This might just be that song, as he teams with new BFF Chris Stapleton for “Say Something”, which is more than ‘something’; it’s EVERYTHING!

I’m not trying to discredit the already released singles: Filthy and Supplies. Filthy is an explosion of sound, and on the first listen, I was NOT a fan. But it grew on me quickly, and I DO love it.  Supplies was great too, until that chorus hit.  Maybe it’s just me, but that whole “Supply…yi…yiiiiiii” is far to whiny. Sorry JT. 

When I heard the new track was a collab with Chris Stapleton, I was worried it’d be a country track.  I just think of that EPIC (although country) moment of “Drink You Away” at the CMA’s.  But this is NOT that. And it’s SOOO much better. The two make the perfect combination blending the beats Justin has become known for, with Chris’s soulful southern sound, the full band, the chorus of voices…  YAAASSS!!

Check out the video below, shot in one take. That alone is pretty epic. Are you loving Say Something as much as I am?


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