Justin Bieber Returns Next Week… With Ed Sheeran?

Over the years, it hasn’t been easy to be a Justin Bieber fan. He’s given us some major ups and downs, and lately, it’s been all about the feels. We’ve been worried about his health, and where he’s at mentally. We’ve been wishing him the best in his new marriage. We’ve been hoping he would find some peace away from the spotlight. And only a month ago, he said it’d be a while till we got new music.


Needless to say, we were stunned when he was suddenly whisked on stage at Coachella by Ariana, his first time on stage in 2 years. And then we were overjoyed when he made the shocking announcement “album coming soon”.

But, the rollercoaster didn’t stop there.  The next day, we discovered there was a new definition of “soon”.  Justin apparently didn’t mean soon as in weeks or months, but soon as in A YEAR or so. UGGGGHHHH! 


Fast forward to today as Justin shared THIS!

Scooter Braun did too!

As did Ed Sheeran (in his own special way!)

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10. Photoshop spoon

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And just 5 days ago…

TMZ did say that while the album might take a while, Justin did have new songs done, and that he’s working on crafting the right sound for the album. After all, it’s not like he completely left. He was on last year’s DJ Khaled track “No Brainer,” as well as Lil Dickey’s “Earth” just the other week. But THIS might just be his OWN track, with Ed Sheeran as a guest!

At least, that’s our guess. And while “10” might seem cryptic, we in the industry know most singles drop at midnight eastern on Fridays, like Taylor did last week.  And you know what is 10 days from now?  Friday, May 10th. That makes 2 “10”s.  10 days away… the 10th… way less cryptic than those Taylor teases.

However, Justin has been known to be a prankster. So who knows. Maybe he’s cashing in on the Taylor hype making jokes for headlines. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise us, but we sure hope not. 





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