Justin Bieber singing Despacito

Justin Bieber Fails Big During ‘Despacito’ Performance [VIDEO]

So much for his Spanish singing career. Justin Bieber blew it during a live performance of “Despacito”, the Luis Fonsi / Daddy Yankee track featuring Justin Beiber on the remix as heard on Y107.

At an NYC performance Tuesday night, Justin sang along to the track. But when it hit the chorus, it seemed pretty clear he had no clue what the Spanish words were. He could have just let the track play and danced along. However, he decided to “sing” over it with a bunch of “bah bah bah”s. Is it just me, or is he mocking the song by doing this? It’s a track that was hugely successful before he was ever added to the remix.  Talk about a big slap in the face “Thank you” to Luis Fonsi.

We don’t know how he did on his parts of the song, but clearly, he was not ready to handle this performance. so why did he.  

Here’s the question: Is THIS or the Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve moment the bigger fail of 2017 so far?

Regardless, we still love the track, and still believe it might just be one of the hot contenders for “Song of the Summer”.

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  1. I think he was just having fun. Justin is a nice singer, he would definitely know the lyrics.

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