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Jordan Jay

Jordan Jay

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Hey, I’m Jordan, the new “Nights Guy”. I was born here in Columbia but raised in Boonville. You know, where the Casino is.

I graduated from Central Methodist University, so I’m ready to put my Communications degree to “work.” Though I can already tell this job will be more fun than work.

Naturally, I love the Mizzou Tigers, and I have an extreme passion for watching movies! Seriously, I’m somewhat of a movie buff. I’m also a gamer; PS4 is my preference.

And, I love all kinds of music, which is why Y107 is the station for me. That's a part why I totally dig "Love It Or Leave It". each night at 8, it's a brand new song; new to you and me.  You get to help me decide if it's something you would LOVE to hear more of, or if you'd rather LEAVE IT on the shelf. Have you checked it out.

I still can’t believe I’m now working for the radio station that I loved for as long as I can remember. I remember wondering what the DJs looked like, and now I work with them, and see one of them every time I look in the mirror. Weird.

If you were to ask my parents what I was going to be when I grew up, the last thing to come out of their mouths would have been radio. I was that kid that used to hide between Mom's legs when people I didn’t know would come around. Needless to say, I was very shy! Luckily, that changed in High School. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with my life back then. But the older I got, the more I started to fall in love with radio. I have always wanted to be a voice actor, so I thought radio was a way into that, and would be just as fun. Boy was I right!

Fun fact: I can do voice impressions. Seriously! Call me up and ask. No seriously, I love talking to you, so give me a shout. Got a song request? Call me, especially for the 9pm Most Requested, where it's nothing but song YOU want to hear. I love hearing why their your favorite songs. Request line btw is 573-441-Y107. 

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  1. Hey Jordan it’s Katy

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