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First of all, I’m sorry about the title. It gave me a giggle and I had to. But for real. Let’stalk about supplements. I wanna start off by saying I am NOT an expert and you should talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements or weight loss product.  I also want to say that I AM NOT AN EXPERT and everything I know about supplements I’ve learned from Jen’s Get Fit Group. I’m gonna tell you about two of the products I’ve started usingby Jen’s reccomendation and what she has to say about them then I’ll tell you about my experiences with them.


This is a product that will help you have a healthy gut. You cannot lose weight without a healthy gut to help you digest your food. These greens are a probiotic and have digestive enzymes in them to help break down your food and help you digest it right. What this means is that you’ll notice a decrease in bloating. Also they’ll help boost your immune system and keep you well.

My experience:

I had heard from multiple people before taking them that greens don’t taste good. I went into it kinda scared but honestly, I like them. A lot of people have to take them with juice or something but I do them with cold water first thing in the morning and I AM ADDICTED! I can definitely feel a difference on the days I’ve taken them and the days I haven’t. Also they have just a little green coffee extract in them which has helped immensely with my caffeine cravings. I don’t even finish my coffee any more. All in all, Greens are a go for me! I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking this one.

Level 1 protein powder

When you exercise or lift weights, you develop tiny tears in your muscle tissue. Protein is what repairs those tiny tears and helps to build the muscles bigger. The more muscle mass you have on your body, the faster your body burns fat even at a resting state. Jen explains that part much better than I do but that’s the layman’s terms.  Another important reason you need protein when trying to lose weight or get in better shape is that it helps you feel fuller after a meal and curbs all those cravings.

Level 1 protein also contains BCAAs which help regenerate muscle even faster. This product is processed at low temperatures so it doesn’t come with any gas, stomach upset, or weird aftertaste.

My experience:

For real I never thought I’d be someone who drank protein shakes…but I also hated working out so I guess people can change. Originally I was not going to buy this because I didn’t think I needed it. I went to S2 for my greens and the guy gave me a sample and I loved it! I have done meal replacement shakes in the past and didn’t really see a point. They didn’t keep me full for every long and only tasted ok. Because this is a slow digesting shake, it keeps me feeling full for usually 4 hours. It’s also really yummy. I’ve said before that my favorite foods are candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, and potatoes (in that order) so you know I have a sweet tooth. I love that I can have this after I workout and not feel guilty. I know the old saying, “you’re not a dog you don’t work out for treats” and no, I’m not a dog, but I do feel 10x more motivated to do my workout when I know that I get my protein shake after.


So those are my reviews of the products in Jen’s basic supplement stack. Also, until Sept 3, you can win these and 6 month membership to Jen’s Get Fit group by entering right here. And when you win, tell me what you think of these products!


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