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Jen’s Get Fit Group and the Giant Water Jug

Jen’s Get Fit Group has turned me into a gallon-a-day type of gal. Here’s why I’ve kept doing it!

When I started my health journey with Jen’s Get Fit Group, she told me to try and drink and entire gallon of water a day. My first thought was “yeah I’ll try but there’s no way I’ll be able to keep up with that.” But I have kept up with it! Mostly because it has benefited me so much that I never want to go back to my old habits. I used to drink about a glass of water a day…maybe. I never felt thirsty or dehydrated, I thought my body just didn’t need as much water as some people’s. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Jen explains it so well in her “water why” video why water is so important to weight loss. Jen does a much better job of explaining this (you’ll see when you join!) When you burn calories they have to GO somewhere. Fat flushes through WATER so your body has to have water to be able to flush it out. A super fast and easy way to flush more calories out of your body is to drink more water.

In addition to weight loss, water helps your muscle growth and recovery. Jen’s Get Fit Group is based around weight and lifting. Even after a few months of doing the workouts, I still get sore sometimes. I can tell based on how my muscles feel after a hard workout whether or not I am hydrated.

Jen has so many little tips and hacks like this that she knows from experience. When you sign up, there are a few videos to watch that can absolutely change your life…and that’s before you even start the workouts!

Join me now in the Sweaty Sisterhood!

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