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TL;DR – I love you. Thank you for all the memories. 

Hey! Hi! So I’m NEVER good at these things but I’ll try my best. 

Obviously you clicked on this and felt compelled to read it. THANK YOU! (You’re going to get that a lot, so buckle in.)

*For the record, I feel like I’m writing a break up note right now*

I’m resigning from my position on Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show to take a position in Tennessee. This move is hard to make because I love this station but my goal is to work in a city like Chicago or New York and this will help me grow in my career.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. For inviting me into your life. For allowing me to entertain you everyday for almost two years. As an outsider coming here, and it being one of my first full time gigs in radio (and my first morning show), I was SO NERVOUS I wasn’t going to fit in. But you made that transition an easy one. Thanks to you, I slowly learned how to pronounce roadways and towns properly (NOT VAN DIVER), all the Mizzou chants (M-I-Z, Z-O-U!) and learned that Mid-MO has so much MO to offer (jokes, get it) than I could have imagined. From the Pinnacles to Penguin Bar, from the Lake to Cooper’s Landing, this place has brought me so much joy and laughter and love and amazing and all the feels. And it’s all thanks to you.

It’s bittersweet to leave because on one hand, I love this place and the people and I love what I do and I love you. On the other, it’s a new chapter in my life and career that I have to take. 

I want to thank Cosmo for allowing me to be his partner in crime every morning and to Zimmer for taking a chance on me. But like I said, most importantly, YOU. So thank you again for all the memories (no, I’m not quoting Fall Out Boy). 

I hate saying goodbye. It’s so…. final. So, let’s say ‘See you soon.’ – JAX

Originally published Aug 2018


  1. Jax, thank you for all you did to support Mid-Mo in so many causes and most importantly The MU Children’s Hospital! I know God’s got big plans for you and will be with you every step of the way. Please keep giving back where ever you go and God’s continued blessings always! Thank you again! John W.

  2. Tammy L Albertson

    Omg Jax I feel like you just broke up with me! js I know this is something you have or maybe just feel like you should do and that’s fine.. like they say nothing last forever. I really want to wish you the best and have fun doing it , and what matters is you liking it and enjoying yourself. You and Cosmo are family and will miss listening to you both every morning.. have a wonderful life Jax and god bless!!

  3. The Missouri BTS ARMY will miss you greatly! I promise the Tennessee ARMY will welcome you with open arms!

  4. Good luck and wish you all the best!!! Just stay away from 5th grade girls who beat you at tag!! School nurses offices are the same no matter where you go!!!

  5. I’m truly saddened. You and Cosmo have been such a bright start to my mornings for so long. You’re such a great team, and I will miss the shenanigans. That said, I know that you will do amazing things in Tennessee. All the best.

  6. Awh man, just saw this. I’m gonna miss hearing you causing trouble with Cosmo. Take care of yourself, and I wish you the best!

  7. My 13 yr old just came running out of her room with tears in her eyes upset cause she just found out today u were leaving so I thought you should know how much u were enjoyed by people of all ages. Good Luck…..

  8. Hey, Evan! Thank you so much for listening!

  9. Honestly getting a little emotional to hear that you’re going lol. You and Cosmo make my morning bright and have for a long time. I know it sounds silly that a little morning show helped me so much but you guys were a lot of the reason I could get out of bed in the morning and go to work during a period where I was going through a deep depression and was in a lot of pain. Your antics made me laugh and distracted me from my daily life in that half hour morning drive and the few hours during work that I could tune in. I’ll miss your contribution to the show but I’m interested to see what’s in store for both you and Y107. Best of luck, dude, l’ll keep following your Insta so I hope to see you succeed!

  10. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!!! Im sure you will be loved there just as you are here. And we are glad that you felt welcome here and that you loved it so much! Good luck, man!

  11. Jax I am so sorry to hear of your leaving. I love listening to you and Cosmo on my way to work. Best wishes for all that the future brings you. Much love ❤️

  12. Hey liked your friday phone jax where you played gerald that was hilarious well done. Hope you have a great future in your endeavors.

  13. Hey Jeff! That’ll be continued. No worries there! Thanks for the kind words.

  14. I loved listening to u ever morning I’m going to miss when u call Jax to people. U will be missed good luck

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