It’s A Very “Hook Up or Hang Up” Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day… Don’t get ghosted!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air!  Well, except maybe on Hook Up or Hang Up. We have heard some pretty cringe-worthy stories of crushed hearts and shattered dreams of love!

Here are the Top 10 reasons why people have been ghosted on Hook Up or Hang Up

  • “He pooped in my friend’s washing machine!”
  • “I slept with your Dad!”
  • “He wanted to put his finger in my bu#%.”
  • “She was talking to my cats about my butt.”
  • “I have the hots for your brother. Sorry. Bye boy, bye!”
  • “I spent all my money on a Game of Thrones sword.”
  • “She had sex with her cousin!”
  • “He had a nude pic of his ex on his desk.”
  • “I ghosted him because he thought Alaska was an island.”
  • “She left me handcuffed to the bed!”

What is the craziest reason that you were ghosted?

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Have you been ghosted after what you thought was a great first date? Reach out to Cosmo & Lauren on Y107 and see if they can help you get some answers. If the two of you agree to another date, Y107 will even pay for it!

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