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Is There Still Hope For Toys R Us?

The announcement almost 2 months ago STUNNED us: Toys R Us in Columbia was going to be closing. Then came the next blow a few weeks later that ALL Toys R Us locations would be shutting down. However, there might be hope for a future full of Toys R Us kids, but your help is needed.

A man named Issac Larian has set-up a GoFundMe to save the bankrupt toy giant. And to jump start the campaign, he and his investors have put up $200 million of their own money. Who is this guy? He’s the head of MGA Entertainment, responsible for “Bratz” dolls, as well as Little Tykes. No doubt, much of their company’s income probably comes from Toys R Us. However, he declares this is more about saving jobs than it is about profits.

Isaac Larian launched the #SaveToysRUs GoFundMe to get EVERYONE involved to save this American icon, and in doing so save jobs. He is confident that, regardless of the outcome of the GoFundMe, he will raise the necessary money through his network. Isaac hopes that those who want to see Toys”R”Us continue on will participate in the campaign in some way, by taking action or even just sharing words of support. He hopes folks will focus on the true goal of this movement. It’s not about crowdfunding, it’s about community action and saving jobs. Let’s #SaveToysRUs. ~ post to GoFundMe page 3/25/18

The problem is, the goal is to reach 1 BILLION dollars by Memorial Day, which seems to be a near impossible feat. By that day alone, our local store will already have been gone over a month, as the rumored final day is April 15th. In just 3 days, only just over $50k has been raised. As his post reads though, the GoFundMe seems more of a chance to fill in the gaps, as Issac seems to be working on other fundraising within his “network”. Regardless, there’s still hope for a Toys R Us future. YEAH!!!

If that doesn’t work out, there’s always the KB Toy store rumor...

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