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Is “The Bachelor” Looking For a New Host?

Maybe at least for a little while…

What a week in Bachelor Nation! After an interview with Rachel Lindsey, Chris Harrison has stepped down temporarily as host of The Bachelor. Let’s back up a bit…There’s a lot to this story.

Last week some pictures were found of one of the current contestants on Matt James’s season at an Old South/plantation/Antebellum party. Obviously, fans had a lot to say about this and the racial implications of her having gone to that party. Chris went on Rachel’s podcast acouple days later and all but defended the contestant. He excused it because it was “5 years ago” and “50 million people went to those parties back then.” Rachel didn’t let him off that easy. She explained the implications of that party theme and what it would represent if she had gone to a party like that. She also told him it wasn’t 5 years ago, it was 2018 and that particular fraternity had already banned that party theme BECAUSE IT WAS FREAKING RACIST.

After their conversation, Chris got a LOT of pushback from fans asking him to really consider what he was saying…and so he did. He announced Saturday that he will be taking “some time” off of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. No idea how long this will last but it’ll start pretty much now. Matt’s season already finished filming so he’ll be present for the rest of it but he will NOT be at After the Final Rose.

No word yet on who the stand-in (or maybe replacement…?) will be but my money’s on Rachel Lindsey. What do you think?

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