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I Bet You’ve Been Doing This Wrong Your ENTIRE Life

I know I have…Sooo…I always kinda thought I took good care of my teeth. I do the whole brush, floss, rinse thing BUT I just found out I’ve actually been doing it wrong my whole life. And I bet you are too!

Maybe not doing it wrong but DEFINITELY doing it in the wrong order!

In fact, I think most of us do it in REVERSE. The most common order is brush, floss, rinse. The correct order is rinse, floss, brush.

WHAT? Why?

Actually it makes perfect sense; first thing you wanna do, especially in the morning, is a rinse. All the bacteria in your mouth have been multiplying all night so they need to get rinsed away first. Gotcha. THEN you floss to get all the particles from in between your teeth and lastly you brush those bacteria and particles away.

It makes perfect sense. Why would you brush THEN dislodge. Why would you brush THEN wash away all the stuff in your toothpaste with the rinse?

I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life but I’m kinda pumped for a new routine! Have you been doing this all wrong too?

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