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Human Waste Found Inside Soda Cans

Soda pop giants all have secret recipes to make their beverages taste one of a kind. But human waste hopefully is not one of those secrets! Staff working the night shift at a factory in Nothern Ireland were in for a messy situation once the machinery got clogged. 

Workers discovered the source of the problem was human waste found in open cans! The cans were delivered to the factory to be filled and sealed. The big wigs at Coca-Cola called the Police Service of Nothern Ireland, who are currently investigating the situation. Coca-Cola was quick to announce that the cans filled with excrement did not reach the general public, and it was an incident local only in Ireland.     

Local or not this made me rethink drinking pop from a can! Bottles only from now on for me I want to see what I’m drinking.   

Human Waste found in Coke

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