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Tips on Staying Motivated to Work Out

Read this when you start to feel yourself losing the will to get off the couch!

The weather is getting colder, days longer, and clothes longer. I don’t know about you but this is the time of year when I don’t see as much need to exercise. My big chunky sweaters hide those flaws I see in my tank tops, jeans cover up what I don’t like in shorts, and my swimsuits are all packed up. Now is a really tough time of year for some of us to stay motivated to do our workouts (It’s me. I’m some of us.) Over the Summer months, with weddings and river or lake days, it was easy to find a reason to get up and get moving but as the weather gets colder, it seems a little lower on the priority list.

Here are some of the best ways I’ve found to make myself work out when I don’t want to:

1.Enlist the help of an accountability group or partner

This one is super popular because IT WORKS! When you are doing it by yourself, it’s easy to make an excuse, do something else instead, or tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow…which you won’t. But, if you have a plan or an appointment with someone else, it’s a lot harder to back out because we don’t like to disappoint our friends. Personally, with Jen’s Get Fit Group, I have loved the Sweaty Sisterhood because it comes with 5000 accountability partners! I also have a good friend in the group and we do our workouts via Facetime.

2. Put on lipstick

This one’s super weird but stick with me…there’s a lady in the Sweaty Sisterhood that posts her sweaty selfie with a full face of makeup. She always looks so strong and so confident. I call her Wonder Woman. I wish I had that level of confidence so I fake it til I make it. When I REALLY don’t want to do the work, I put on red lipstick and call it my Wonder Woman disguise. I instantly feel more confident and ready to kill it. Your Wonder Woman (or Superman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, etc.) disguise doesn’t have to be lipstick. Just find that thing that makes you feel like a total Bad*ss.

3.Think of the negative consequences of skipping

A lot of people say “remember why you started” but that one is very easy for me to talk myself out of…especially if I’m already seeing progress. Instead I ask myself if I’ll regret skipping. The thing that always talks me back into working out is remembering that skipping today makes tomorrow even harder. Letting myself off the hook once is a slippery slope, so keeping up momentum is my end goal. Also, If I skip a workout, I’m usually sore the next time I do that circuit…not worth it!

4. Start today to have a better tomorrow

This one came straight from Jen herself! There will never be a better day than today to start to get on track or get back on track. There will ALWAYS be an excuse to put off your health and fitness so when you don’t have the motivation to work out, you have to have the discipline.


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