Are You Saying Rihanna’s Name Wrong?

This has been going around for a while, but you may have missed it, ignored it, or forgotten due to a bad habit. Admittedly, some of own DJs are getting a lecture now. Oops.

It’s been determined that many, MANY people still don’t say her name correctly. Is it Ree-Ann-uh, or Ree-Ahn-uh?  How do you say it?  The correct answer is…

it's "rihanna" . Follow me. #snapchat

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If you listen to the end, it’s Ree-Ann-uh, as pronounced by Rihanna herself.  (If you were wrong, don’t worry. Her mom has a hard time with it too apparently.)

AJ Hammer tried to get the point across back in 2012, although it didn’t take. (Wait, who’s he again?) Jump to the 2 min mark.

Feel free to text us every time we say it wrong.

BTW, Rihanna is soon to be starring in the new Ocean’s 11 flick, Ocean’s 8, starring an all female cast. 

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