Holiday Wish Stories Gallery

The holiday season is often a time of joy and celebrations, but for some it’s one of the most difficult times of the year. Y107 has teamed up with Culligan of Mid MissouriLOVE Columbia, and Common Ground in Jefferson City to help Mid-Missouri have a happier holiday season! 

While we are no longer accepting wishes, we want you to hear all of the amazing stories of some of your neighbors here in Mid-Missouri. 


DJ’s Wish For Haven w/Cosmo and Lauren

Danielle’s Wish w/Carson

A Wish for Buddy Losing Everything in a Fire w/Kristin

Michelle’s Wish for Daughter Who Was In A Car Crash w/Cosmo and Lauren

Anthony’s Wish w/Carson

Mary’s Wish After Losing Her House And More Heartbreak w/ Kristin

Amanda’s Wish with Cosmo and Lauren

Diane’s Wish to See Family with Carson

Autumn’s Wish with Kristin



  1. Hope, we are so sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new wishes.

  2. Hello im making the wish for my sister and her husband! A few days ago my brother in law was in a bad motorcycle accident and is currently in the icu! As he was the main source of income their family had, and my sister will be out of work to help take care of him. They have 2 children and havent started buying chirstmas yet! Anything could help them especially because there is only 2 weeks before the hoildays Theyre kids are a 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl! Please let me know as my sister is going threw alot for her family, it would be such a blessing for any type of help!

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