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Jen's Get Fit Group

Jen’s Get Fit Group is the best fitness plan out there and here’s why…

Here’s why I made the switch and why you should too!

I’m still pretty new to this group but so far I love it WAY more than any other gym plan I’ve ever done. Let me back up a little. I should start by saying I hate working out. It hurts, it makes me sweat, and then it hurts afterward. Jen’s Get Fit Group is a little different though. I love this group for a lot of reasons but here are just a few as to why this is the best workout plan available:

  • You don’t have to buy a whole home gym

Jen’s Get fit Group is all done in your own home. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole set of gym equipment, though. All you reall need to start is a set of dumbells and some floor space. I do mine in my living room. Here’s a whole video to guide you through the initial setup of your new workout space:

  • It’s affordable

Gym memberships can get really expensive, especially if you get any sort of an add-on class. Jen’s Get Fit Group is only $30 a month. There are some add-on option for an extra $5

  • It includes a meal plan

With your membership you get a meal plan included that also has recipes. Every week, Jen send out a few new recipes and suggestions for healthier food choices. And YOU GUYS. The food is GOOD! It’s not “diet food good” it’s actually good. And all of it has been pretty easy to cook and portion out ahead of time so work lunches are easy.

  • It doesn’t take up all your time

I personally am not someone who wants to spend all afternoon or evening in a gym. I simply don’t want to devote all my time to that. Also, I personally prefer to do classes instead of just an open gym workout (yes it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing in there.) Between the commute and an hour long class, going to the gym was about a 2 hour commitment. Jen’s videos are about a half hour apiece. Don’t let that fool you though…

  • It freakin works

With such short videos it would be easy to think that this isn’t a “real” workout. This assumption would be dead wrong though. After a 25 min workout I am usually completely out of breath and sweaty and I’m not the only one. The private Facebook group for Jen’s Get Fit Group (more on that in a sec) is filled with sweaty selfies and screenshots of activity tracker results. Yes it’s a short workout but you will WORK.

  • The Sweaty Sisterhood

When you sign up for Jen’s Get Fit Group, you get invited to join a private Facebook group called the Sweaty Sisterhood. This group is a WOMEN ONLY group full of women from all walks of life with different individual goals but one common goal: to live a healthier lifestyle. These women will push you and cheer you on in the most supportive way. Whether you’re kickin butt and takin names this week or are struggling and needing someone to gas you up, this group is behind you 100%. And since it’s for women only I don’t feel self conscious sharing my before and after pictures.

  • It’s for EVERYONE

I know I just said the Facebook group was for women only but that’s the only part of Jen’s Get Fit Group that’s exclusive. The workouts, meal plans, website, and support can be used by literally anyone. I know a lot of the women in the group have their husbands do the workout with them, a friend of mine is doing them with her 8 year old daughter, and Jen told me that her oldest member is in her 90s.

If you want to join or learn more, go to

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