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Is There A New Harry Potter Series on HBO Max?

I grew up with Harry… literally! I read the first book when I was 11 and wished that I’d get a letter from Hogwarts, too! I wanted to go learn magic and fight You-Know-Who with Harry, Hermione, and Ron! I was in college when the last book came out, and was sad the series was over. At least I still had the movie releases.

I had just graduated college by the time the last movie was released and with nothing else on the horizon, I truly felt like it was the end of an era. When the Fantastic Beasts series was announced, I was thrilled. Of course the pandemic and some drama has delayed the third in that series, but I still have more to look forward to.

BUT NOW…. there may be more. HBO Max is in veeeeerrrrrryyyyy  early development for a potential show based in the Harry Potter Universe! And why not? With Star Wars and Marvel fandoms racking up Disney + Subscriptions by the millions, this might just be the way to get the subscribers they haven’t been able to reach, yet. I’m one of those. I have so many subscriptions at this point: Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Apple TV… and I’m sure I’m forgetting something at this point. I’m a little subscriptioned out!

Now, when I say they’re in very early development, I mean, there’s no actors on board. There’s not even a writer on board. Heck, there’s not even a CONCEPT on board. Basically, they mean “we want to make a Harry Potter series, but we don’t know what that looks like.” So, this will be a few years at best… but when that happens, HBO Max will finally have something to make me shell out money to yet another streaming subscription.


Some fans are hoping this means a series for the Marauders: James Potter, Black, Lupin, and Petigrew. Honestly, there’s a seemingly unending well of content, here, so just one show seems low key, tbh!


What do you think about this? Would you subscribe for a Harry Potter Universe show?


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