The Hannibal Buress Experience

The Hannibal Buress Experience was confusing yet relatable, auto-tuned yet tasteful (seriously), and ultimately one of the funniest comedy sets I’ve seen.

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Thursday night in Como was jam-packed with things to do. Concerts, Homecoming activities… I decided to make my way down to The Blue Note to catch a few laughs and check out what Hannibal Buress was all about. I had never seen his stand up before, but I like Broad City

If you don’t know who Hannibal Buress is, or better yet, how he is, you got a full dose of him of Thursday. He’s a slow burn comic—he talks about as slow as a sloth to begin a joke then gradually gets faster and louder until he reaches his point. Confusing, but effective.


See, the beef I have with comedians, standup comics and even some scripted shows, is that I can tell they’re trying to impress me. With every line, they’re trying to get me to laugh…and most times it makes me super uncomfortable at their vulnerability that the joke or monologue is lost with me and we’re both left feeling very exposed and prickly all over. Hannibal Buress though, is about the opposite of this feeling.

A lot of times I felt nervous for him, because it didn’t seem like he even had jokes lined up—like he was just talking about the first thing that came in his head. He made the crowd forget he was on shows like Broad City (except when he brought it up), and seemed more like the coolest 34-year-old college student that you most definitely want to hang out with. He had fun with his set, including dabbling in some auto-tuning of his mics at random times of the show just because it was fun for him to do, and was just completely honest about things from his mild-fame (his words, not mine), hookups, and money.

Him and his opener (Kevin Bozeman—look him up) talked about things like love, marriage, broken homes, Flint Water Crisis, without bringing politics into it; which, let’s be honest, is about as hard as going swimming and staying dry at this point in entertainment. All night, I felt like I was just having a one on one conversation with a really funny dude—which is why my Thursday night gets five out of five Hannibal’s in Shark Suits.

Hannibal Buress in shark suit~Sam

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