Halloween Trees

Ever had the idea of putting up your Christmas tree early? Most people tend to put out their Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, but have you ever thought about putting it up in October?

Well Halloween Christmas trees are becoming a thing. It really does seem like Christmas season is starting earlier every year, I mean October is around the time you see Christmas decorations in stores. So i guess it really was only a matter of time until Halloween and Christmas had a mash up.

The trees differ from the December variations however, as they have colors like orange and black, ornaments are shaped like skulls and pumpkins, cobwebs flow from the branches. You can even top the tree with a witches hat or skeleton instead of an angel. The trees sure do look creepy but after Halloween is over, you can get an early jump on Christmas and just re-decorate the tree for the holiday.

Halloween Christmas Trees

Halloween Christmas Trees

Halloween Christmas Trees

What do you think? Will you start to put up a Creepy Halloween Tree and get that little jump start on Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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