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Grammys recap

Grammys: The Highs, Lows, Need to Knows

It’s called music’s biggest night: The Grammys. Yet year after year, ratings drop, as so many have just stopped caring. The Grammys used to mean something. Now many feel they just don’t. So for those who didn’t watch, but want to be in the know, here’s a quick rundown.

The Good: Kesha’s Performance

Easily, one of the biggest highlights was the re-emergence of Kesha, and at the right time too. Her message coincides with both the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The entire album does. So much more than artists wearing white roses, the stage was covered in white as the raw emotions were cranked for a goosebump producing “Grammy Moment” that will be talked about for quite some time.

The Bad: Let’s Talk Politics

I get it, we live in a very divided, political world. I get that a majority of Hollywood and the music industry is opposed to our President. But I go to music for an escape and to feel through the songs. I watch the award shows to celebrate the music. I don’t need to feel politically preached to or see controversial comedy sketches loosely linked to something Grammy related to make it relevant. Save the sketches for SNL or your own show, especially when you take it to the uber-political level you did. The “moment” in question: The “Fire and the Fury” reading. Complete turn-off for THIS event.

The Good: Bruno Mars

Epic night for Bruno, taking home Grammys for best Record, Album, Song, R&B Performance, R&B Album, and R&B song, although we might not all agree he deserved each of those. His performance of Finesse with Cardi B was pretty fun too, adding a needed pulse.

The Bad: You still awake?

When it came to performances, there were quite a few ballads. It’s not that they were bad, they were just buzz kills, unfortunately.  Sam Smith for instance. Love ya man, but…

The Good: Tributes

They did take a moment to pay respects to the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Fest, with a couple country stars covering “Tears In Heaven”. Powerful moment because it should be. They also honored legendary stars like Elton John, teaming with Miley. (We’d rather forget about Sting with Shaggy.)

The Bad: Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Performance

We LOVE this song. We LOVE what it has done for suicide performance. However, we’ve seen the performance at the VMAs, almost to a T. And Logic’s speech at the end did not connect to the song, but rather to the #TimesUp movement. Misplaced, ruining the “Moment” that the song had.

The Good: Blue Ivy

Who’s the only one in the world who can quiet Beyonce?  Blue Ivy.

The Bad: Lies and Complaints

Maybe this is more on “the media”. Rumor was, Ed Sheeran was protesting as he was snubbed any nods. However, he took home Pop Performance for “Shape of You” and “Pop Vocal Album” for “Divide”, which is more than Jay-Z took home, who was up for a ton. Lorde was rumored to be boycotting as well, but she was there. As for the complaints, the discussion today has gone the route of lack of females in the top categories. This after November complaints reflected there were no “White Male solo artists” up for best album. The constant complaints spawn the constant divide. There are 5 nominee slots. There’s one winner. Not everyone can be nominated. Not everyone can win. Our favorites can’t always be represented, no matter how amazing we feel they were. To add balance, just for balance sake, would be wrong, and add to the failure of awards shows. And if we turn it into fan voting, then it becomes an even less relevant popularity contest. “Despacito” meant a ton to the world as a breakthrough mega-popular song. But because it didn’t win, does that diminish what it did for Latin music in the mainstream? It does stink that Jay-Z, the most nominated artist, didn’t win a single award. However, isn’t being nominated quite the honor too? 

The Good: Kendrick’s Opening Number

Powerful and FIRE!  Might as well start the show with a bang, which Kendrick Lamar certainly did.


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