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Ed Westwick Proposes a New Gossip Girl Themed Challenge on TikTok

Fans of the show Gossip Girl, and specifically fans of Chuck Bass are going to LOVE Ed Westwick’s new Gossip Girl TikTok challenge.

In his thick British accent, Ed requests “TikTok, tell me you’ve watched Gossip Girl, without actually telling me you’ve watched Gossip Girl. I’ll start.”

The video then cuts to Ed in a nice suit a la Chuck Bass and in his American Accent, says softly “I’m Chuck Bass.”

@edwestwickI’m challenging you to stitch this video, use the hashtag ##StitchEd so I can see your submissions and I’ll be reacting to some of my favourites♬ original sound – Ed Westwick


So… I did what he said…



@radiokristin##stitch with @edwestwick Sorry, Ed, your character was definitely not the same in the books. 📚🤷🏼‍♀️ ##StitchEd ##tiktokchallenge ##gossipgirl♬ original sound – Kristin Monica

Sorry, not sorry!

I was one of those who actually read the Gossip Girl book series in high school, and was OBSESSED! When Gossip Girl started, they already started deviating from the story by the second episode and I was like “NOPE, OUT!!

A few years ago, on recommendation by a friend, I did go back and binge watch the Gossip Girl television series and while I maintain that by season 2, the only similarity between the show and the books was the names of characters, it was actually a pretty great show!

If you stitch Ed, tag @y107fm so we can see your TikTok, too!

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