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Goldfish Crackers and JNCO Jeans Are Together Now I guess?

On today’s episode of things that make no sense…

Remember JNCO Jeans? The pants that looked like you could easily share them with a friend and often had a wallet chain attached? Well they’re back! And they’ve paired up with Goldfish Crackers…because…idk why. Goldfish has come out with a new Jalapeno Popper flavor (which, yum) and what kind of pants could possibly be better than JNCO to help you hold all those bags of Goldfish? I’m not saying it makes sense, I’m just saying, pockets.

The best part is that each pair of the Goldfish JNCO pants comes with a free bag of Jalapeno Popper Goldfish! They’ll cost you though, one pair alone is $200.

I know throwbacks are what it’s all about right now but I didn’t expect JNCO to make a comeback…what about you? Are you ready for these to be a thing again?

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