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Girl Scout Remixes Cardi B to sell more Girl Scout Cookies

A girl scout is trying to sell the most cookies by bringing some pop into the mix.

10-year-old Kiki decided knocking on doors just wasn’t enough and remixed Cardi B’s “Money” to help sell the delicious treats.  

You have to check out her song!

Some of the lyrics include, “I got girls in my troop, cookies to roof” and “Selling them cookies is my thing.”

Girl Scouts of America shared the video on Twitter and it went VIRAL! Within just a few days, the video had over 5 million views.  

Who else is already dancing to this song? Apparently Cardi B! 


The days of forcing your parents to take the cookie sign-up sheet to work and making your younger siblings talk to your neighbors are OVER!

The only question that remains is, what kind of cookie do I buy first?

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