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Young girl pries open gators mouth to free herself
Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock

Ten Year Old Girl Pries Alligator’s Jaw Open To Free Herself

If you have every wondered if superheroes exist let this be your proof. A Ten-year-old girl from Orlando, Florida is being known as supergirl. She was attacked be an alligator while playing in a designated swimming area of a park. Instead of panicking or being frozen with fear, she grabbed the gator and pried open its mouth to set her leg free. The girl was with four family members when the attack happened.

A lifeguard was also on duty at the time. (But how do you not see an Alligator?) Officials from Florida Fish and Wildlife were able to find the gator and kill it. Doctors at a nearby hospital treated and released the girl who walked out of the hospital like nothing happened!


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