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April the giraffe licking the camera

Giraffe Pregnancy Might Be This Year’s Biggest April Fools Prank

We’ve been watching for weeks, or is it months? For a while, it was all anyone was talking about. April the pregnant giraffe. We all thought she was supposed to give birth forever ago, yet she hasn’t. They said it’s because it’s almost impossible to predict when she got pregnant.  We all swear we’ve seen the baby kick. We have. Right? And then there’s the daily headlines/updates from around the world. 

If you’ve been ignoring the live stream of April the pregnant giraffe, now’s the time to tune in. ~ Washington Post 3/31

April the Giraffe May Be Finally Ready to Give Birth, Park Owner Says ‘Today Is Not the Day to Stop Watching’ ~US Weekly 3/31

April the giraffe is ready to give BIRTH! ~ 3/16

April the Giraffe Getting Restless as Birth Nears ~ NBCNewYork 3/2 

With each passing day, it seems like “today is the day”. This video was even posted today.

It’s been going on so long, we’re getting a bit skeptical.  USA Today addressed the thought with some pretty good evidence that it’s all legit.  However, I think I’m done believing, and I’m definitely not alone.

It just all adds up. They hype has been growing this week again, with more and more saying “any time now.” Well, tomorrow is April Fools Day. And the big red flag: her name is April!  There might just be something to this theory.

Is Jimmy Kimmel behind the giraffe hoax?

One of our listeners, Maria, suggested this a few week ago. I thought nothing of it. But now… I’m not so sure. After all, he pulled off one of the biggest pranks of all time about 5 years ago.  Remember this?

Would it not surprise anyone if the back wall fell, and there’s Jimmy’s studio? (Or if Guillermo popped out somehow???)

I guess we’ll continue to watch, and wait, skeptical as ever. Although I swear I just saw the baby kick again.

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