Enter To WIN The “Gift of Family!”

Nothing is more important than family! But for some couples, making that dream a reality can be a struggle.

That’s why we are thrilled to team up with Missouri Fertility to give away the “Gift of Family“!

If you’ve been struggling to grow your family, this is the perfect opportunity for you to receive a life-changing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment (normally a $14,000 value!) for FREE!


Simply fill out the official entry form below to register! Do not just put comments in the “comments” section below as that will not count. 

Registration closes at 11:59p 9/28

GRAND PRIZE: Full IVF treatment from Missouri Fertility ($14,000 value!)

Everyone Wins: Just for entering, you can receive a complimentary semen analysis and/or FSH testing! (Find details on the entry confirmation screen)


** Y107 and Missouri Fertility cannot guarantee the success of a pregnancy.  The recipient might have to pay for certain medicines up to $1,000.

Originally published September 2020


  1. Y107 is always there for me in the morning and puts me to sleep every night! My favorite person is Lauren

  2. This is truly amazing!! Thank you y107 and Missouri Fertility!

  3. Yall are so Awesome for doing this

  4. Winner was notified earlier today, 10/2. We hope to introduce them to everyone soon.

  5. Have you announced the winner?

  6. When will the winner be announced?

  7. This is amazing and will be such a blessing.

  8. This is such a wonderful gesture giving someone the opportunity to have a family that can’t like myself thank you

  9. Thank you y107. This is amazing that you give a family hope of having a baby. Who may need help.

  10. Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that I know only too well. It is emotionally, physically, and financially draining but the potential reward is so worth it! Good luck to everyone who has entered this giveaway. Dr. Wilshire and Marney are AMAZING and truly want to help people fulfill their dreams of having a family. Thank you Y107 and Missouri Fertility for teaming up and making this possible. May I ask when the lucky family will be chosen?

  11. Jessica Regennitter

    You guys are amazing trying to help a family that has been struggling with infertility ! Best of luck to everyone !

  12. Thank you so much my husband and I have been struggling for 5 years tho start a family, and this would be a most honored gift to recieve. Thank you!

  13. This is amazing, you guys are wonderful!

  14. Our honor. Thanks for the support!

  15. Thank you Y107 for giving family’s hope and the strength to keep looking forward and not giving up on starting there family. My prayers go out to all the couples that struggle with infertility.

  16. Thank you y107 and Missouri Fertility for taking the time to help a wonderful family in need. It really does mean so much to us that people that are struggling might just have a chance to be a parent. I wish everyone including myself the best of luck!!!

  17. Absolutely. ALL couples facing infertility will be considered.

  18. Will you guys do this for a gay couple?

  19. This chance and gift in which you are willing to provide to a couple in need in order to become a family is a blessing and GODLY thing of the heart to offer.So thank you. I also have submitted for a chance to win because I am one of those people trying to complete a family.I signed up last year as well so as you can see I truly need some help and or assistance. But thank you all

  20. This is an amazing thing that you guys are doing to help someone with some thing that they dream to have and to be able to give the love in the care to something so special.

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