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Fun Dip Thunder Imagine Dragons

The “Fun Dip” Cure You’ve Been Needing

Weeks ago, we warned you you’d never hear Imagine Dragons “Thunder” the same again, all thanks to FUN DIP!!

Credit @foreverrmalone for making this gem #fundip #thunder #imaginedragons

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It’s not like we made it worse at the Columbia Jaycees Holiday Parade or anything…

We are live powered by #FunDip @orientaltrading and Y107 CoMo Holiday Parade

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Thanks to the AMA’s the other night, we might have found a cure. The Imagine Dragons teamed with Khalid for a “Thunder” / “Young, Dumb, Broke” Mash-up.   I love mash-ups, and these blend perfectly.  check it out and stop saying “Fun Dip”, and start saying “Young dumb, young, young dumb and broooooke.” 🙂


  1. Thanks Renee! We’re ecstatic to have you as a fan.

  2. U guys r awesome i listen to u all the time

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