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If you thought pineapple pizzas were bad you won't believe this!
Thaninee Chuensomchit/ Shutterstock

Fruity Pizzas Have Begun to Take Over the World

Pineapple, it’s one of the most controversial toppings on pizzas of all time. Most people say the sweet fruit has no place on top a cheesy pie. However, this new idea makes pineapple seem not so bad.

Someone has upped the ante by tweeting out a photo of pizza with sliced strawberries on top… This has caused chaos Twitter has quite literally lost its mind. Since this has gone viral many people cringe at the thought. however, some people are more than willing to give the creation a try.

One person even tweeted we should add more fruits to pizza like apples and grapes. Fruits get paired with cheeses all the time although this is very different.

In my opinion cooking fruit is blasphemous, it just grosses me out! What do you think of the rise of fruitier pizzas?   

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