Friday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

As we head into our new “normal” let’s remember how many heroes that we have seen during this shutdown! 

Let’s keep these “feel good” stories going! 

Shutterstock/Pop Tika

A man’s life was saved twice by the same hospital. When he was a baby, Adam Lilling, had to have an experimental surgery done on his pancreas. Little did he know, years later his life would be saved again at the same place. Adam contracted the coronavirus and had to be admitted to the hospital. When he was fully recovered he thanked the staff by buying pizzas and sodas. Watch the incredible video here.


The toy maker company, Mattel, is honoring frontline workers by launching a ‘Thank You Heroes’ line. The toys will look like nurses, doctors, EMTS and delivery drivers. And most of the proceeds will be going towards buying PPE for first responders. Click here to learn more.

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