Popeyes Chicken Tenders, Biscuit, Sauce

Get Free Tendies. That’s Chicken, Not Stocks

In case you’re not up to par on your Stock-Trading slang, “tendies,” is defined as “Gains earned from an investment. The term is usually used by amateur investors day trading on Robinhood.” according to Urban Dictionary.

But to those of us who love to eat, “tendies” seems like it could be short for chicken tenders, too. Obviously, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen though so, too. In honor of small-time traders making the headlines last week by rising stock in GameStop, AMC, Nokia, and more, they’re giving you free “tendies” but not stocks, chicken.

Whether or not you got your hands on some newly valuable stocks, you can get your hands on three free chicken tenders. You just have to spend at least $5, order through the Popeyes app or online, and enter one of the following promo codes: $GME, $AMC, $BB, or $NOK

It IS for select locations for a limited time. I guess I’m gonna go get some Tendies to dip in my $RAN.


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