Volunteers with supplies

First Chance for Children

I just wanted to shine some light on the helpers who work behind the scenes, and sometimes go unnoticed. As a nurse, I really appreciate the love and support I have gotten from our community in Columbia, MO, I wanted to pass that positive energy on… So here is a helper story.

My mom works for First Chance for Children, a nonprofit program that helps provide diapers, cribs, and LOTS of other things to low-income families year-round. Some people are having a very hard time acquiring those things during this pandemic due to financial issues. Since this whole virus started here in Mid-Mo, the staff at First Chance For Children has been working nights, days, weekends, all on their own time, to make sure families have what they need for their children. Last week, even my Dad (Bill Byington) helped out and used his own truck to go pick up donated diapers from the Food Bank.

I also want to give a shout out to you all at Y107. You guys have really helped the community stay sane during all of this. Some people are alone at home, some people are scared and unsure, and some people just need to hear real relate-able people, so thanks for talking to people, and keeping some of the” old normal” energy alive.

From Jessica

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