Fire Fighter carrying frightened dog from basement of smoke filled building
Big Bambi Productions/shutterstock

Firefighters Rescued a Dog Missing for Five Days

When I look out into the back yard and my dog has wandered into the blind spot corners from my field of view, my heart sinks, and I instantly get nervous that somehow she got out. Usually, that’s when I open the door and in the corner of the yard, she looks up from sniffing something like “what?”

This owner’s dog, Gertie, was missing for FIVE DAYS! At one point, they heard Gertie whimpering in the garage but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

Turns out, Gertie had fallen into a crevice and was stuck behind a concrete wall. The owners called the fire department, and with some saws and a sledgehammer, were able to free Gertie. Looks like Gertie was VERY happy to be out of the wall, and her owners were thrilled to have her back!

Check out the video:

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