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Is This Finally Kylie’s Baby Confirmation?

The only question any KUTWK fan has nowadays is… “IS KYLIE PREGNANT OR NOT?” We might have finally received some confirmation, or at least a tease about when that confirmation is coming.

The new KUWTK promo was just released and it’s got people talking.  First off, we find out this upcoming week we get 2 nights, as this is an “event” with “huge news”. The promo goes on to show plenty of shocked faces as the girls have what appears to be a Facetime convo with Kylie. Eventually, Kourtney even says congratulations.

Hmmm…  big news, congrats, shocked but happy sisters… could it be?  I mean the Kardashians would NEVER use hype to promote the show, would they?

Or, is this simply more misleading editing? 

Check the promo reel if you haven’t then make your prediction below. We’ll find out together Sunday (or Monday) night. 



  1. We’re thinking you’re right. The episode guide echoes that.

  2. The promo came out a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty sure this is when Khloe tells everyone she is pregnant…

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