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Everyday things you’ve been doing wrong this entire time!

Who knew we were doing some many simple tasks wrong! 

Dr. Pimple Popper, Sandra Lee, said we’ve been putting our deodorant on wrong! She says that our sweat glands are more active during the day, so its best to put it on at night when your body is cooler. 

That has SHOOK me! So here is a list of other things we have been doing wrong this entire time:

  1. Dry Shampoo – we are also supposed to be putting this on at night so it can settle in our hair. 
  2. Eating a cupcake – Most of us eat it right side up, while we should be eating it like a sandwich, with the bottom half as the top. 
  3. Pouring Tic Tacs – On the underside of Tic Tac Packages, there is a space for one mint. Simply flip it over and grab the one piece of candy without having to pour it in your hand. 
  4. Chinese Takeout- You don’t ever have to waste plates again when you get Chinese. Simply unfold the takeout box, and you got yourself a mini plate. 
  5. Cooling down alcohol – We all throw our alcohol in the freezer to quickly freeze it right? But the best way to cool down alcohol in a glass bottle is to wrap a wet paper towel around it and throw it in the fridge. 

Do your brain’s hurt as much as mine!?!


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