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Enter To WIN The “Gift of Family!”

Nothing is more important than family! But for some couples, making that dream a reality can be a struggle. 

That’s why we are thrilled to team up with Missouri Fertility to give away the “Gift of Family”! 

If you’ve been struggling to grow your family, this is the perfect opportunity for you to receive a life-changing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment (normally a $14,000 value!) for FREE! 

Simply fill out the official entry form below to register! Do not just put comments in the “comments” section below as that will not count. 

Registration closes at 11:59p 7/23

GRAND PRIZE: Full IVF treatment from Missouri Fertility ($14,000 value!)

Everyone Wins: Just for entering, you can receive a complimentary semen analysis and/or FSH testing! (Find details on the entry confirmation screen)

Depending on your Internet connection, it may take a few seconds for the form to load below. 

** Y107 and Missouri Fertility cannot guarantee the success of a pregnancy.  The recipient might have to pay for certain medicines up to $1,000.


  1. Winner was announced about 3 weeks ago. Congrats to Jessica and Ryan Miller.

  2. When do they announce the winner

  3. My fiance and I have have been lost a few children and would have been trying for over 5 years. We’ve had some losses in our families in the last year and this is something that would boost our spirits.

  4. This would be amazing to win to expand our family.
    An absolute blessing!

  5. Brittany Holton

    My sister and brother in law have been trying for quite some time. This would be a blessing to them and all of our family!

  6. I would love this opportunity for my wife and I. We been married for almost six years now. This will make our dream come true.

  7. Winning this would make my dreams come true!

  8. What a great gift! This will make a family so very happy

  9. The time and specific day of the announcement has been undetermined as we are going off of the Doctor’s busy schedule. It will be during the morning show. The winning couple will definitely be notified near instantly.

  10. We are honored to be able to do this.

  11. What a wonderful opportunity

  12. Selfless and compassionate. Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. Brianna and Clifford Brockmeier

    I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to make our dreams come true! Even if we don’t receive this amazing gift, whom ever does will be blessed!

  14. What time will they be anouncing the winner on Y107? Also can couples seperately enter the contest or only one person from the couple? Is it a random drawning or just specially picked from the stories? Thank you!

  15. Monica K Collins

    This would be such a blessing for my husband and I.

  16. I really love the staff here. I would really love the chance to win an IVF treatment. Dr. Whilsher is the best!

  17. Francine nieblas

    Wow this is an amazing opportunity for families who would never get this option due to the cost. Thank you so much this just shows how much care this doctor has for his patients.

  18. Amazing opportunity!!

  19. Dr.Wilshire and his staff are amazing. The second round of IVF, I have my little miracle. Unfortunately, due to the cost I am not able to afford another round in hopes of my daughter having a sibling and as the years pass, time is not on my side. Regardless, this is a wonderful opportunity to any couple struggling to conceive and would be very happy for whoever receives this blessing!

  20. Hey Sean. Unfortunately, you can not enter FOR someone. They need to enter for themselves as there are a couple of qualifying questions. She can fill out the official entry form above.

  21. Kristen Lowderman

    I would love to win this ❤

  22. Krystle Daniels

    Thanks for giving me the chance to win a free IVF treatment!

  23. Kristina Murphy

    When I heard this advertised on the radio, I about had a heart attack. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years, just got done with one IVF cycle which did not work. It is so expensive to do and takes such a toll, that we are almost ready to call it. This would be such a huge help to us! Whoever wins this will be so grateful. This is your best contest yet. You are giving people the power to change their lives! Thank you!

  24. This would mean to world to me If my husband and I would win this! We have been trying for a long while now. We want nothing more than to be a family ❤️

  25. We have used Dr. Wilshire in the past, and we would like a chance in giving our soon to be 2 year old a little brother or sister. Our daughter was conceived through IVF.

  26. This would be so great and is so nice of yall!!! We have been threw 2 ivf cycles our third is today!!! I pray to God it works! Due to a really bad car accident and endometriosis I cannot have kids naturally. The Drs said I would have to relearn how to walk again. Or possible never walk again. Praise God I can do all things I use to do besides run!!!

  27. This would be a dream come true!!

  28. I would like to enter my amazing girlfriend. She always puts herself last and is a great person. If she could have this opportunity it would be a gift of a life time

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