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Diamond Engagement Rings Are So Last Century

How would you feel if your guy dropped down on a knee to propose, and out comes an engagement ring that isn’t a diamond sparkler? If you’re a millennial, a new survey says it’d be a good thing.

Aquamarine engagement ring
Marko Poplasen

There’s a stunning new trend in engagement rings. Diamonds are out! The Guardian is reporting the young Millenial generation is instead opting for a less expensive option. Jewelers are reporting more and more colorful gemstone engagement rings are being sold, over the traditional diamond. 

I personally couldn’t even imagine what my girl’s reaction would have been. However, looking at the price tag, it all makes sense. Plus, we live in an age craving customization and self-expression. So, having something less expensive that shows off your personal taste kind of makes sense.  The couples seem to prefer showing off their style versus bragging how big their diamond is.

The most popular trend? Picking the “birthstone” that marks when the couple met. 

Art Deco rings with purple gemstones
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What’s your take on this new engagement ring trend?


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