young woman flexing muscles in gym
young woman flexing muscles in gym

Try The Emsculpt NEO THIS SUNDAY

So you’ve heard the Emsculpt NEO commercials but you’re not actually sure if it works… this is your chance to TRY IT completely free during the Emsculpt NEO National Bus Tour at Bronze By Design!

Emsculpt NEO is the first FDA-cleared treatment that combines electromagnetic energy and radio frequencies to heat under the skin to both burn fat and produces more muscle! It has had over seven clinical studies, and the findings have been talked about in over 30 scientific publications. In everyday people’s language, the people smarter than I say it’s effective to reduce fat and build muscle!

I’m not going to lie, I’m a skeptical “if it sounds too good to be true, it is” type person, but when I heard about Bronze by Design’s Emsculpt NEO National Bus Tour stop, I went down the google rabbit hole! All the science journals agreed, it was absolutely effective, and a great non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to other body-shaping treatments! You could reduce your fat by 30% and build muscle by up to 20% just by using this device!

So if you’ve been AT ALL curious about Emsculpt NEO, come hang out at Bronze By Design Sunday from 10a-1p, ONE DAY ONLY! Learn more about it and try it for FREE with a complimentary demo! There’s also over $3,000 in giveaways and prizes from Bronze by Design and other local merchants!  If you decide to purchase additional sessions, you’ll get discount pricing and a FANTASTIC swag bag! Plus,  enjoy mimosas from Macadoodles, and some lite bites!

The first 10 people to purchase an Emsculpt NEO package will receive a FREE Sculpt Pod Pro session and $50 off a teeth whitening session, too!
Text BUS to 573-864-9627 to reserve a demo time that works best for you, and RSVP here!

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