After 80 years of skating in Columbia the Empire Roller rink will have it’s last skate on Sunday Jan.6th.

Sunday January 6th will be it.  Columbia’s only roller rink will close it’s doors forever.  There will be a Celebration Last Skate that day from 1p-6p.


Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues & Customers,

After 80 years of family skating Empire Roller Rink is closing. I have been trying to sell the Empire Roller Rink as a Roller Rink for many years but with no success.
I at the age of 75 needing to retire have decided to sell the building to Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity, a great community organization.

I am happy to say my life has been a wonderful adventure at the roller rink. My entire family has roller skated, worked and participated with me at the Empire. Many of you may know that I have played Roller Hockey most of my life and have shared this experience with my son including winning 4 National Championships. My youngest daughter skated Artistic Figure skating not only won many National Championship titles, she also competed 7 times at the Artistic World Championships.

I have had so many wonderful experiences sharing skate memories with friends & families, such as birthday parties, reunions, school outings, church events and of course those FAMOUS “Roller Keggers” (back in the day)!! I have made more friends than I can count.

Empire will be closing on Sunday Jan. 6, there will be a “Celebration Last Skate” day that will be from 1pm-6pm.

I want to personally thank all of you. I am very grateful for 75 years of owning the Empire Roller Rink and growing up in the great city of Columbia Missouri.

Willie Trent


What memories do you have of the roller rink?

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