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Emma Watson’s Most Embarrassing “Harry Potter” Outtake

With “Beauty and the Beast” fever sweeping the nation, Emma Watson has been making the interview rounds, and appeared on Kimmel the other night. While everyone wants to talk to her about “Beauty”, Jimmy wanted to go back to where it all started; Hermoine Granger.

The interview started with the recognition that this unknown 9 yr-old, first-time actress, at her first audition, became a sensation in an 8 part series launch that would last over a decade. Think about that for a second. Imagine interviewed for your dream job, on your first interview ever, and it became a hugely successful career… WOW! (Let that sink career launch series, 

However, this is Kimmel, and what came next was priceless.  Apparently, Emma had a really bad habit, that caused quite a bit of havoc on the Harry Potter set, and plenty of frustration for the director. Enjoy!

Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

Emma Watson's reaction to this Harry Potter outtake is great…

Posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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