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Elk-ies Are NOT A Good Idea

It’s probably not a good idea to grab a selfie with a wild animal. Especially an elk as one Missouri woman found out. 

Signs at Lone Elk Park read “Absolutely do NOT approach the elk!” and for good reason.

Within the past two weeks, two people have been injured while approaching the elk (big surprise). 

The most recent involved two men and two women trailing a herd, taking selfies with the animals. A male elk, or bull, released a warning cry but the people just kept walking towards the herd. That’s when things took a turn. 


The bull charged the group, made contact with one of the women and gored her arm. 

A wildlife photographer on the scene witnessed the incident and drove them to the hospital. 

Moral of the story: wildlife does not care about your socials. Obey the signs. 


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